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About EDM. Where did it come from? Me. My name is Linda Habisreitinger and I was born in 1950 along with many, many other Linda's. It seems "Linda" in the 50's was like "Lisa" in the 70's. It was so common, in my 5th grade class there were 5 of us named Linda. Anyway, I grew up in New Orleans where style was everywhere. New Orleans oozes with style and charm. Shopping

The ladies in this picture remind me of going to Canal Street with my mom and shopping in the beautiful stores there. Look carefully and you can see the street light in the background. It was in the old style of gaslights converted to electric back in the day. See how the two ladies are arm in arm? Peolpe used to do that back then. You don't see that anymore.
food prices

In this one, check out the prices. Can you believe people paid 29 cents for a dozen oranges? This picture appears to be taken in the French Market. We used to go to market a few times a year. The farmers would come in from their fields in trucks loaded with everything from beans, peas and fresh corn to tomatoes, cucumbers and watermellons. They backed their trucks up under a overhanging stall and the people would go from truck to truck looking over the quality and price of their produce.
grocery store

In this picture, you can see the old coke machine on the left and the coke crates that used to hold the returnable bottles. Gee that was so long ago. Times sure have changed just look 2 fried eggs or a can of chilli are both only 30 cents.

My biggest changes were more recent. I have always leaned toward the creative side but never saw myself as an embroiderer. The closest I came to that as a child was a bit of cross stitch on some pillowcases.

In 2002, I wanted to get my old sewing machine fixed. So, I brought it in for repairs. When I picked it up and brought it home, my dear hubby went to put it in it's cabinet when he bumped against the door casing in the hallway and the box flew off his shoulder and my newly fixed sewing machine hit the floor and broke into pieces. Time for a new one.

I went into a shop to buy a regular sewing machine and happened to see a machine that didn't look at all like the others. It was a computerized sewing embroidery machine. Whoa, that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. The saleslady demo'd that thing and I fell in love. That began my obsession with embroidery. First I collected designs and then found myself craving to make my own.

By 2005 people were telling me my work was so good that I should start a business. So, 3 weeks before Katrina, I when down to the courthouse and registered my business with the parish and state and also got a federal tax ID number. I wanted to be as legal as it gets. No fly by night here. Also, my common sense told me to make up a very long name to stick out in the phone book. (Gee, ya think?) So, I became

"Embroidery Designs and Monogramming by Linda"

EDM for short.

I had my little single needle machine and put in an order on my AMEX card for a bigger, 6 needle, semi pro machine called a BMP6 from Babylock. Everything was falling into place, but not for long.


The picture to the left is one of them. But, it wasn't to be, at least not yet, because there was this little thing called "Katrina" brewing out in the Gulf who decided she wanted to pay New Orleans the "Big Easy" a visit in the worst way. Well, we all know what happened with that. My husband and I, after riding out the storm, near our home, in a parking garage with about 150 JP policemen, evacuated our refuge a few days later for a small town near Lafayette, La. At that point, I didn't really think I had a business. However, when we returned to Marrero, our home did need repairs but was livable. To my surprise, in October, the new phone books finally came out and I started getting calls. It seems there were a few embroidery businesses that hadn't returned and people were calling me looking for someone to take up the slack. While we were hold up, I had called AMEX and told them I hadn't recieved the big machine. So, with my little single needle, I started doing business. In January 2006, I finally got that BMP6 and last year added another. This year I was able to add a 12 needle commercial embroidery machine to the line-up, after converting our garage into my official shop.
Big Brother

Here he is in all his glory, my 12 needle Brother Commercial Computerized Embroidery machine. I call him "Big Brother". My first machine is "Baby Brother" the second is "Baby Sister" and then the big boy. When they are all running it is a sight to see. Maybe someday I'll add video to this site and you will see what I see when I'm working. Everyone who comes to the shop while the machines are running, must go up to them just to see them work.

It has been a long road, in a short time, but it has been a lot of fun. I truly enjoy what I do and hope you will visit me in my shop to see all the great designs I haven't included here. There are always new things going on in my shop and I'm still growing. As a matter of fact, I just may be adding another "Big Brother" since getting 3 motorcycle clubs as new clients. One just isn't enough.

With the love, help and support of my wonderful husband, Gary, my wonderful daughters and some great friends, old and new my little shop has produced many designs. I have some of the best clients anyone can have. It seems embroidery brings out the best in people. It is the "happy" craft.

So, I hope you will come in and see me and let me help you make your ideas become realities. It is the most fun I can possibly have and you'll have fun too. Well, gotta go.

Bye for now.

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